Colourful Hotwheels Truck Display for Toy Cars

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A beautifully hand painted truck and trailer system to brighten up any wall in a Childs room.

Choose from many different colours to customise your laser cut truck and trailer display.

A display for hotwheels matchbox cars made by lasercutting 3mm MDF wood.

The truck cab comes together with 1 trailer that holds 25 matchbox sized cars.

Additional trailers can be bought from the main page at R100 per trailer.

Each trailer can hold 25 matchbox size cars, 1:64 scale.

Each car cubicle is 50mm wide x 75mm long and 50mm deep. The perfect size for any matchbox size cars.

The total size is 845mm long x 345mm high (front of truck to back of trailer.)

The hotwheels display truck gets mounted on the wall, with s many trailers as you like behind it. Extra trailers are sold separately.

The toy car display can hold any matchbox size cars, not just hotwheels.

Additional laser cut trailers are 520mm x 270mm, and 50mm deep.

Keep your Childs bedroom neat and organised by placing all their matchbox cars on their compact and well organised toy car display.