Cake Topper - Painted Assorted Colours

Little Shop of Dreams

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Customisable cake topper made from 3mm MDF and painted any colour.

Cake topper is usually a standard 15cm wide.

Option for 1 or 2 stalks to stand on.

Laser Cut

The topper is created on a laser cutting and engraving machine using only the highest quality materials available.

A beautiful customised cake topper that has been laser cut is the perfect way to finish decorating any cake.

Little Shop of Dreams supplies and makes custom laser cut cake toppers for all special occasions :

  • Birthday cake toppers
  • Wedding cake toppers
  • Anniversary cake toppers
  • Baby shower cake toppers
  • Kitchen tea or Bachelorette cake toppers
  • Stag party cake toppers.
  • Religious events cake toppers.
  • Any other event you can think of